We Launched Our Model Rockets!

So we finally managed to launch our model rockets

We visited a park in the middle of Coventry and set up for launch. It wasn’t a particularly nice day, but it didn’t rain whilst we were there, which is a massive bonus!

We went through some safety aspects and then showed everyone how we were going to be launching the model rockets, then stood back as they were launched into space (about 150 meters into the air).

The day went great – there are some pictures of the launch over on Instagram (or scroll down this page). Also, don’t forget to check out the short video of the launch on our YouTube channel

The Rocket Motors Arrived!

So after the success of the Beginner’s Rocketry Workshop, we had to order the rocket motors; a grand total of 48 Estes A8-3 model rocket motors were ordered from Elite Models Online on Friday 17th October 2014 and due for delivery on the following Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

However, after 3 failed attempted deliveries by UKMail, they decided to send the model rocket motors back to Elite Models, only to have them re-sent back to UKMail who then managed to find the university. It’s here where we must stress that the delay in delivery was nothing to do with Elite Models, who were more than helpful, it was all down to UKMail – who failed to find the university 3 times!

We took the time to take some pictures of the rocket engines to show you all what they look like:


We also took some extra picturesque images for you:


We look forward to launching them, look out for more details about when and where!

Our First Ever Workshop!

On Thursday 9th October 2014, we held our first ever workshop: the Beginner’s Rocketry Workshop. We ordered 36 model rockets (Wizard) from Estes Rockets and had our members build them in a two our session on campus

02 03







We had such a great turn out, better than we had ever hoped for, and the event ran exceptionally smoothly (despite Lee & Chris having to run to cost-cutter to get some more glue)!


The workshop began with Rob giving a short presentation on the basics of rocketry, before our members dove, head first, into making their very own model rockets. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, with some really good questions coming from everyone.


Once the building segment was over, Rob gave another short presentation regarding the safety aspects behind launching rockets. We then informed everyone that we plan to launch all together before then end of the month and a launch date will soon be decided.

07 08







There will hopefully be prizes for both the best designed rocket and the rocket which lands closest to the launch site.


Thanks to everyone who came, we look forward to seeing you all again during more model rocket building workshops, more competition building, and more ambitious projects. Look out for the soon to be decided launch date and time!