Here is a list of the exec members of the society, who help it run smoothly. We have exec elections each year at the end of the second term and any member is eligible to run for any position, so feel free to ask any of the exec members if you are interested in one of these roles and think you have what it takes to help run the society in the future.

Read about the roles and responsibilities of our various exec and click on their names to find out more information about them


President : Maeve D’Souza

Responsible for running the society as a whole and keeping things (eg the rest of the exec) going.


Helps the president run the society.

Treasurer :  Teodor Jevtic

Keeps track of all the money going in and out of the society account, also responsible for securing funding from sponsors.

Academic Coordinator : Luca Seaford

Responsible for running the discussion and debate sessions.

Social Secretary #1: Christopher Swiatek

Plans awesome socials for everyone.

Secretary: Martha Wilson

Does the paperwork.

Publicity Officer: Riya Sharma

Takes care of promotion of the society to potential new members.

Director of Projects: Josh Craze

Comes up with new ideas for our projects and leads them.

Project Coordinator: Artur Pekosz

Takes care of our exciting new projects.