Mathilde Leuridan







3rd Year Mathematics
Pronouns: She/Her

About Me

What’s your favourite aerospace vehicle?

Too many choices…

Tell us a (pointless) fact you know.

scio me nihil scire ( a bit of Latin to spice up your day)

What’s your favourite space related joke?

I can’t believe the NASA astronauts… Don’t you think they are taking social distancing too seriously?

What do you get up to, outside of Warwick Aerospace?

Alot: Piano, Squash, Travelling and nowadays also Online Lectures

What’s your favourite drink?

A cocktail on some beach in the Bahamas

What’s your favourite drinking establishment?

A hut still on the same beach in the Bahamas

How has joining Warwick Aerospace improved your life?

It’s too early to say… I’ll tell you when I get my first job in the sector

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