Paul Stinson

4th Year Undergraduate Computer Systems Engineering
Pronouns: He/Him/His

About Me

What’s your favourite aerospace vehicle?

Saturn V

Tell us a (pointless) fact you know.

There’s a junction in Swindon called the ‘Magic Roundabout’, made up of five mini roundabouts encircling a sixth, central roundabout.

What’s your favourite space related joke?

What do you get up to, outside of Warwick Aerospace?

Gliding, model flying/drone racing, tinkering with anything that runs on electricity and/or has blinking lights.

What’s your favourite drink?

Tea, with milk and no sugar.

What’s your favourite drinking establishment?

The Dirty Duck.

How has joining Warwick Aerospace improved your life?

I’ve met lots of great people who are passionate about space and had lots of fun taking part in projects and social events

Contact Me

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