James Hart

A History student who decided not to let doing a Humanities degree get in the way of my lifelong passion for Aerospace!

About Me

What’s your favourite aerospace vehicle?

Not the Space Shuttle.

Tell us a (pointless) fact you know.

There are fewer years between the Moon Landings and Cleopatra than between Cleopatra and the building of the Pyramids.

What’s your favourite space related joke?

“The Soviets won the Space Race”

What do you get up to, outside of Warwick Aerospace?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

What’s your favourite drink?

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola (but none of that Diet rubbish).

What’s your favourite drinking establishment?

The Dirty Duck, until the SU forced them to stop selling full-sugar drinks.

How has joining Warwick Aerospace improved your life?

It’s been great hanging out with people who care about bigger things than politics, coursework, and drinking.