Warwick University participated in the UK CanSat competition with a team of five students from several years and degrees during the 2018/19 campaign. The mission document stated the required objectives for the challenge, to build a satellite no bigger than a drinks can that would sample telemetry data as it descended from a drone launch under the control of a parachute. The design review submitted by our team achieved 78.85% and they progressed to the rest of the competition. Sponsorship from RS components was obtained and so the CanSat was successfully built for £30. The CanSat passed all pre-flight reviews and initial tests. Upon launch, the CanSat successfully collected telemetry data every second which was then analysed by the team and was then presented in the post-flight review. The team came 6th overall in a very close competition which tested student’s engineering skills in a new environment.


This year we hope to put together another team and with more mentorship, target an even higher placing.