The Rocket Motors Arrived!

So after the success of the Beginner’s Rocketry Workshop, we had to order the rocket motors; a grand total of 48 Estes A8-3 model rocket motors were ordered from Elite Models Online on Friday 17th October 2014 and due for delivery on the following Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

However, after 3 failed attempted deliveries by UKMail, they decided to send the model rocket motors back to Elite Models, only to have them re-sent back to UKMail who then managed to find the university. It’s here where we must stress that the delay in delivery was nothing to do with Elite Models, who were more than helpful, it was all down to UKMail – who failed to find the university 3 times!

We took the time to take some pictures of the rocket engines to show you all what they look like:


We also took some extra picturesque images for you:


We look forward to launching them, look out for more details about when and where!

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